PhetaLink 360 provides a suite of photography services, from photo restoration to immersive 360 degree virtual tours. Our team pride ourselves on achieving our clients' vision through photography. It can be keep sake photo restoration, fashion or product photography for marketing to an interactive virtual tour to document and promote our client's fantastic spaces.

Phillip Karnezis, media creative director
Phillip demonstrates an ability to communicate across business units, motivate key stakeholders and kick-start creative initiatives. Able to identify and take the best of good ideas and synthesize them into actionable creative direction that results in sustainable brand building equities. Whether it’s a grass roots redesign or a simple update, it is imperative that a brand retains its ability to be both compelling and familiar to build and maintain consumer loyalty.

Todd Richardsonphotography creative director
Todd is an experienced photographer working with clients to develop and create advertising campaigns focusing on company identification for store and website sales in editorial, fashion, and products. Responsible for styling photo shoots; booking models; photographing; editing and retouching.

Jeffrey Link, 360 photography and design management
Recent work with MLB Advance Media includes updated photography encompassing a 360-degree spherical tour highlighting MLB Ground Rules in an updated UX design. Additionally we photographed 15 ballpark seat section for a 360-degree spherical view for MLB.com ticketing systems. Over a two month period Jeffrey produced over 6,000 spherical images, encompassing 15 stadiums.